The Thinking Behind Merlins New Website

We are all very much part of a highly visual world, image is everything and there is so much pressure to look the part.  We take all of this on board at Merlins, but in our new website, we hope to have delivered an honest view of our catering world.

There are no prices on our website – why?  Well there really are no two events that are the very same, thank goodness!  We are all about adding that personal touch and we hope that we never find ourselves treating one function very much the same as the next.  Every event holds a special place for us and they are all completely different.

No one likes hidden costs or extras, so as soon as we receive an enquiry we can provide clear transparent quotations covering every aspect of the event in question, we have nothing to hide from our highly respected clients.

The design …... is all down to Nick Rule of NR Design.  He interprets our rambling notes and madcap ideas and turns them into such a beautiful thing!  With his years of training, he has an eye for all things visual.  Nick completes the website story by preparing everything for Andy Lock at Changinglight, based all the way up in the Scottish Highlands who takes care of all the technical stuff.  Great Team.

The photographs ….... well, these give you a true insight into our cuisine.  We are all about real food and our pictures need to be truthful.  Chef Dave rejected many of the shots that were taken, not because they were sub standard, but because they did not accurately reflect what clients receive on their plates at the end of the day.  We stand by, what you see is what you get and we were lucky enough to be able to have many of our shots taken by Andy Cahill, of Photoworks in Bournemouth, both in his studio and at Merlins HQ. 

The words …..... we tried to speak them from the heart and not over complicate things.  Time will tell if we have managed to get the right message across!

The blogs …...... our Facebook page is great for a quick comment or snap and we enjoy being able to congratulate every single one of our newly weds post wedding day.  Social media is instant and a great way to capture a moment, we hope our website stands the test of time and our blogs are enjoyed by those who wish to find out more about their chosen caterer.  They are not compulsory and for those in a hurry, they can cut this bit out completely if they wish and get straight to the 'Contact Us' page.  We don't mind!

Thanks for reading