Spotlight on Merlins Front of House Management

Dear David, (front of house manager on the day of our wedding),

We both just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything you did for our wedding. David was brilliant. We both felt relaxed on the day as we knew he was on top of everything. He made the whole day move seamlessly. Everything was so well managed and we were able to enjoy everything we planned, and we thought to whole day was perfect.

The breakfast/reception marquee looked beautiful, and we were very lucky with the weather!

All of our guests had a great day, and they were very impressed with both the venue and the servicve provided by you and your staff.

The food and drink was gorgeous! Everyone was well fed, and people are still talking about how tasty everything was.

Thank you again for making our wedding day as special as it was.

Matt & Paul

27th August 2017 - Parley Manor


At Merlins we really do pride ourselves on our high levels of service. This starts and ends with your dedicated Front of House Management.

Our Front of House Manager has the privilege of being one of the very first to congratulate you following your marriage ceremony. From here until the clocks chime midnight, their role is simple: make absolutely certain that you have the best day possible.

Always close at hand, our Front of House can solve any problem and answer any question to ensure that you are able to enjoy your special day.


A few comments from David, Front of House Manager Extraordinaire:

  • If you could give one piece of advise to any future Brides and Grooms, what would it be?

Relax and enjoy your day! It is my aim to make sure that the two of you can have a really stress-free and therefore enjoyable day. As always, any questions throughout the day, do not hesitate to ask.

  • What do you most enjoy about working for Merlins Catering?

If I'm honest, it has to be the challenge of making sure every single couple have a day they will never forget. I am confident that everybody will love the fantastic food but I know that the service of my team can really make the difference- which is where I come in!

  • If you had to choose one dish created by Merlins Director Chef Dave, what would it be?

It simply has to be the Desserts, with my sweet tooth! Strawberry and white cheesecake has to be the favourite for me, wow oh wow!

  • Can you share any backstage secrets or gossip?

Hmmmm, well I suppose I could quash the rumour that all chefs are nasty! Merlin's Ktichen Team and always smiling and joking with everybody. Normally they are the main reason that we enter the marquee laughing and smiling! We have such fun at Merlins and it makes my job managing the Team so much easier.


Having a Front of House Manager is designed to make your day run seamlessly. Their vast experience mixed with the diligent management of their team goes a long way to ensuring this. They are working for Merlins Catering because they are quite simply the best.

As a catering company continually striving for excellence, we demand the highest of quality from our Front of House Managers. Diligent care, attentive service and a conscientious manner are the least you should expect from a Merlins Front of House.

Should you have any questions about the role of your Front of House Manager please feel free to contact the Merlins Catering Events Specialists Team who are always happy can clarify anything further.